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Private Moments #114 (DVD)

Private Moments #114Private Moments #114Private Moments #114
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Price: £23.00

Order number: DVD24886

Delivery time: usually 2-14 calendar days.

Starring: Luciana, Alessia, Dominika, Anais, Amanda, Malena, Cornelia, Ilse

Scene 1: Alessia & Luciana - Meaty Lips
"I masturbate almost every day, I love to do it in public and on the metro.” Alessia touches Luciana's pert breasts under her red bra. The summer weather is making them feel hot so they slowly get naked. "I am getting hard nipples". Luciana touches her hairy pussy softly while checking out Alessia. "I love watching girls masturbating". Alessia gets her finger wet and moves it in between her meaty lips. Aroused by each other, the girls masturbate to orgasm.

Scene 2: Dion D & Dominika - Nude Yoga
Dominika and Dion do yoga together at studio and they both wear tiny shorts that ride up in between their round ass cheeks. “It's so hot, we need to do it naked!” "I like to use sex toys a lot when I am masturbating". Dominika licks her finger and traces it over her hairy pussy. Her and her friend start rubbing their pussies as they check each other out and then masturbate to orgasm.

Scene 3: Anais V - Small Breasts
Short haired Anais is lies in her bed wearing panties before her hands get into her underwear to play with her pubic hair. Feeling the aroused, she takes her top off and squeezes her small breasts to pinch her nipples. Smelling her underwear, Anais inserts her fingers into her hairy pussy as she turns onto her stomach and masturbates to orgasm.

Scene 4: Amanda B & Willa - Rubenesque
"I love to play with my pubic hair". Amanda sits on the side of the bath, showing her pubic hairs to Malena. Amanda takes her bra off and Malena touches her large breasts. Malena turns on the water, directing it to her hairy pussy and pinching her brown nipples. Amanda gets aroused and rubs her meaty lips as she finger herself. Watching each other, the girls masturbate to orgasm.

Scene 5: Cornelia & Ilse - Sex Toy
"I have never touched that big a boob in a long time". Redhead Cornelia plays with Ilse's large breasts. Getting aroused, the girls put their hands into their knockers and rub themselves. Cornelia inserts a finger into her hairy pussy and Ilse turns on her sex toy and masturbates to orgasm.

Scene 6: Luciana - Deep Fingering
Luciana spreads her legs in her chair, her yellow panties flashing up-skirt. Rubbing her clit with her brush, she gets her hairy pussy wet before she licks her fingers and stars fingering herself to climax.

Running time: 1 hour 38 minutes - NTSC

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