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Corporate Assets (DVD)

Corporate AssetsCorporate AssetsCorporate Assets
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Price: £28.00

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Directed by Thomas Paine. Year:1985

Starring: Amber Lynn, Paul Thomas, Jamie Gillis, Nick Random, Eric Edwards, Rachel Ashley, Harry Reems, Sheri St. Clair, R. Bolla, Herschel Savage, Tish Ambrose.

With all the aspects of any mainstream movie, this is a movie you will want. A proper story with drama, suspense, romance, intrigue, ferocity and sex!

Enter the sinister world of corporate greed, where wealthy men use and abuse beautiful women for their perverse pleasures.

Jill’s (Tish) life has been reduced to nothing more than an on-call hooker in the illicit harem. But as her secret relationship with Winston, a mild mannered park ranger grows, Jill begins to realize that with his help, she may be able to destroy the evil empire holding her hostage…

For the the disc itself, it's masterfully restored in 2K from the original 35mm film negative. The result is, as can be expected from Vinegar Syndrome, marvellous.

Included as an extra is a 10 minute interview with the film's star, Eric Edwards. He recalls his time on the film and his co-stars, saying that it is among his favourite films, and that it gave him many scenes to really act in.

A true classic porn feature film!

Extended Synopsis:

Scene 1: Tish Ambrose and Robert Bullock
In the opening scene, Jill (Tish ) has been sent to 'reward' an employee, who has exceeded his quarterly sales projection. Jill sits him down in a chair, and proceeds to give the man a blowjob on the spot.

Scene 2: Amber Lynn, Rachel Ashley and Harry Reems
In this scene, Billy (Harry ) has been quite successful during the year, so two call-girls (Amber and Rachel ) have been sent by the boss to treat him. They put him on the desk and get down to business; as Amber sucks his cock.

Scene 3: Tish Ambrose and Sheri St. Clair and R. Bolla
In this scene which runs simultaneously with the previous one, Jill is called into her boss J.W. Sheverson's (R. Bolla) office. There, J.W. is having sex with Babette (Sheri St. Clair). He says that he is tired, and that he wants Jill to take over. And that she does.

Scene 4: Amber Lynn and Francois Papillon
Amber stays behind, and she is met in the back of the limousine, by the Chauffeur (Francois). The two soon get it on. Amber Lynn does look good in this scene.

Scene 5: Sheri St. Clair and Herschel Savage
This scene takes place as Babette is giving "J.W.'s henchman, Louie (Herschel) a blowjob. However, things escalate when Babette bites Louie's dick. Louie then roughs her up, and then forces himself into her ass. The scene is short, but very important to the plot.

Scene 6: Rachel Ashley and Jamie Gillis/Amber Lynn and Paul Thomas
At the dinner table shortly after the former employees arrive, the two girls (Amber and Rachel) give them blow-jobs. They suck and stroke them until Gillis and Thomas shoot their wads.

Scene 7: Trish Ambrose, Sheri St. Clair and Jamie Gillis
Jamie Gillis role-plays as an adult baby, as Jill and Babette diaper him and pamper him. After that, they fuck him. Tish is first, as she rides him in cowgirl. Then Jamie fucks Sheri in missionary at a hard, fast pace. A bizarre role-playing scene.

Scene 8: Amber Lynn, Rachel Ashley and Paul Thomas
In the other room Paul is seen having sex with the two call girls. As things begin, the girls are on all fours. Thomas fucks Amber in doggy as he shoves a dildo into Rachel. With the doggy still going on between Paul and Amber, Paul lifts up Rachel, as she literally stands on her head, he eats her pussy with Paul pulling out to cum onto Amber's ass.

Scene 9: Tish Ambrose and R. Bolla (Blowjob)
J.W. and Louie set things up so that Winston (Eric Edwards) would know exactly what Jill does for work. Sheverson forces Jill into a blowjob; as she sucks him off, little does she know that Louie has brought Winston in to watch. More crucial element to the story.

Scene 10: Tish Ambrose and Eric Edwards
After Winston finds out that Jill is indeed a working prostitute, he is upset about it. After falling off the wagon, he is confronted by Jill, who desperately wants to make thing right. She knows that he isn't perfect and has a violent past, so she hopes to reason with him. The two of them eventually make good and the sex comes to a passionate end.

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