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Dreams Come True (DVD)

Dreams Come TrueDreams Come TrueDreams Come True
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Price: £23.00

Order number: DVD23374

Delivery time: usually 2-21 calendar days.

Starring: Anissa Kate, Ena Sweet, Julia Roca, Lola A, Arwen Gold, Nekane, Henessy.

Alis Locanta’s latest film brings nocturnal fantasies to life. Brunette Arwen, with her deep brown eyes, and Nekane make a tantalizing pair.

Lola’s awakened from a nightmare by Julia’s furious masturbation.

Running Time: 2 Hours – NTSC

Extended Synopsis:

Henessy smiles wickedly as she licks and nuzzles Lola’s beautiful bottom, and strokes her pussy through her skimpy panties. She spreads Lola’s cheeks, tugging her panties down to her thighs as she fingers her vigorously, making her come. It’s morning, and Lola wakes Henessy and listens to her strange dream. She watches avidly as Henessy masturbates to a climax, then kisses her and goes down to suck on her puffy clit.

Spreading Henessy’s pussy open, she licks and fingers her to a second, even more intense orgasm. Henessy turns onto her front and Lola slides a finger into her ass, pushing her over the edge into a third hot climax. Later Henessy catches Lola masturbating, and lies beside her to stroke her clit with fast, circular movements, before fingering her hard and deep. After she comes, Henessy clamps her mouth over her pussy to eat her to another, even stronger orgasm. It’s an impressionistic and non-linear narrative that creates a powerful impression of intimacy and heat.

Anissa Kate caresses her big, beautiful breasts as Ena Sweet eats her to a powerful orgasm. Anissa listens, intrigued, as Ena describes a strange dream she had, before tugging down her cute girlfriend’s panties and licking her until she’s gasping with excitement. They kiss and stroke each other, totally absorbed in their mutual passion, and Ena lies back with her thighs spread wide so Anissa can lick and finger her some more.

The Spanish sweetheart comes once, and then rubs herself to a second orgasm as Anissa strokes her soft skin. Anissa describes her own dream, but is distracted by Ena sliding a hand into her shorts. The French fox rides Ena’s probing fingers, big breasts jiggling in her face as she orgasms again.

Arwen Gold stands behind Nekane, reaching around to squeeze and jiggle her big breasts avidly. Nekane thrusts a hand into her jeans to rub herself as Arwen’s touch drives her wild. Later Arwen takes selfies as she describes her strange dream, Nekane distracting her by joining her in front of the mirror and fingering her into a frenzy of excitement. She undresses Arwen and spreads her thighs, licking and frigging her hungrily and then turning her into doggy position and sliding two fingers into her tight ass. Arwen rubs her own pussy as Nekane makes her come hard.

When Nekane recounts her own dream, Arwen strokes her teasingly before finger-banging her asshole until she shudders to a climax. Arwen lavishes licks and kisses on Nekane’s breasts, fingers her pussy until she comes again, then eats her until she’s utterly satiated. The ambiguous meaning of the interlinked segments creates a dreamlike, but undeniably hot, impression.

Lola appears to be sleeping as Julia Roca masturbates beside her; but as Julia comes hard, Lola embraces her. Lola describes a disturbing dream she had, but Julia distracts her by pulling her close and caressing her breasts. They kiss and Julia slides a tight hand into Lola’s jeans to rub her to a rapid orgasm. Lola undresses and grinds on Julia’s lap, then bends over to get eaten and fingered from behind. Julia recounts her own strange dream, frigging herself inside her white panties; Lola peels them off and licks Julia until she’s breathless with excitement, then fingers her to a string of climaxes.

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