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French Pissing #3 - Amateur Cum & Piss (DVD)

French Pissing #3 - Amateur Cum & PissFrench Pissing #3 - Amateur Cum & PissFrench Pissing #3 - Amateur Cum & Piss
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Price: 22.50

Order number: DVD18447

Delivery time: usually 2-6 calendar days.

Starring: Zophia, Tammy, Janis, Diamond, Heather, Karina Smith, Jayden, Layla Labelle.

Our DVD series for urophiles returns and this time, our French-Canadian friends have pushed the limits ever further! Totalling over three hours of footage across 10 scenes, it's custom made for fans of watersports, wet and sloppy sex, and cum-slicked, smiling faces.

As always, the natural champagne flows like the river Nile, but Peeter and Lysia have added a bit of bukkake to their wonderfully waterlogged adventures.

Also, the kinky models keeps getting better and even hotter. You'll be pleased to know that fan favourites Janis (who is rather pregnant in one of her two scenes), Layla, and Asian cutie Jayden return for this instalment. The new girls, particularly Karina, Diamond, and Zophia, are all beautiful and enthusiastic. You'll fall in love with them immediately.

Totalling over three hours of footage across 10 scenes, it's custom made for fans of watersports, wet and messy sex, and cum-slicked, smiling faces.

Scene 1 Perky, punky cutie-pie Zophia meets Peeter and Lysia in a semi-public outdoor area. With a truly adorable smile, she gets her first taste of piss right there in the grass. They move their escapade indoors where Zophia makes an incredible mess of the floor and the coffee pot. They have a truly epic shag and continue spritzing one another (and the entire room, really). In the end, Peeter drops a cum wad in her mouth, which she promptly spits into a wine glass full of pee and gleefully drinks the lot! A five star scene if we've ever seen one!

Scene 2 Tammy's a black girl who absolutely personifies the word voluptuous. She has the kind of tits that could make a vicar start kicking over pews. You can tell she's new to the pee games (and maybe porn in general), but she's definitely not new giving head. She's a pro! Peeter glues her eyes shut with a tremendous money shot making Tammy look even lovelier!

Scene 3 Speaking of big tits, Janis is back. And if you can imagine such a thing, her massive boobs have grown; swollen with mother's milk. That's right, the piss princess is pregnant! They create a nightmare for the chambermaid, leaving puddles all over a hotel room. While shagging her shaved twat, he warms up her butthole with a plug. Once she's opened up, he crams his cock in and finishes the job by coughing up on her pretty face.

Scene 4 Diamond is an insanely fit Nubian Goddess. Blimey! This girl is put together like a fine sports car; lean, sculpted, sleek, and curves in all the perfect places. Even Lysia (who normally stays behind the camera) can't resist having a go, and wees all over her firm, black cherry-tipped boobies. Diamond's rich, chocolatey complexion looks particularly beautiful all slicked with champagne as succumbs to squeeling orgasms on the business end of Peeter's white cock.

Scene 5 Slutty blonde Heather gazes into the camera with her sultry eyes as Peeter evacuates his bladder into her gaping mouth. However, she really comes alive when noshing on his pork sword. They exhibit real chemistry when the two bang away at each other like animals until it's time to cool down with another dose of piss. She gets his dong back in her talented mouth to finish him off. He squirts such a voluminous volley of man batter into her mouth that she chokes on it!

Scene 6 - It's a day of firsts for Karina Smith, a perfectly plump, buxom, MILFy dream come true! She's new to this kind of play, but has plenty of enthusiasm. The wet stuff starts when Peeter pees on her thin, white T-shirt which shows off her amazing boobs perfectly. She looks so good that even Lysia has to take a turn. They then bonk away on the bed and Karina has several genuine orgasms. Then John plugs into her virgin asshole while she rubs her clit, causing her to cum again. There's more pee and then Lysia works her whole hand and later, part of her foot into her roomy cunt. This is one of the greatest scenes of the series, hands down.

Scene 7 Sweet Asian party girl Jayden is back! As always, looks amazing and is excited to get all messy. What makes this scene different is that she's taking on more guys, more piss, and more spunk than ever before. There's at least 8 guys ready to unload on her, and boy do they ever! She's a vision as she smiles, cheap eye make-up running down her face while guy after guy pee on her! Following the pee is her gangbang/bukkake that sees her all her holes filled, absolutely covered in tasty testicular taffy, and even more piss!

Scene 8 Zophia comes 'round again, and you'll be glad she did. This time she flys her kinky flag as high as one can by taking on a gaggle of guys in a urine and cum soaked blowbang. There's so much golden goodness, they have to make use of an inflatable pool to contain it. Without the pool, the whole damned house would be flooded!

Scene 9 A noticeably less pregnant (but still unbelievably busty) Janis takes her place in the kiddie pool this time. The guys soak her in the fragrant natural nectar and then set her up on a table. Dicks are poking and prodding her from all directions. Her huge knockers flail wildly as the guys bang her into multiple orgasms, her cries of ecstasy muffled by the various cocks in her mouth. When they're ready to pop, they glaze her face, then wash it all off again with their wee!

Scene 10 We're really pleased to see Layla back in action and you will too. Reason being is that she may be the prettiest girl we've ever seen in a movie of this type. Her face looks like a teenaged television star and her slim, tight body was sculpted by mother nature to inspire boners anywhere she goes. She gets the full treatment this time around. She's all smiles as the boys drench her in pee, roughly gangbang her mouth, pussy, and arse, slick her whole face with soupy semen, and shower her in yellow tea all over again!

Extremely Highly Recommended The best of the series to date!

Running Time: 3 Hours 16 Minutes - PAL

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