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Knob the Builder #3 - Project Double Time (DVD)

Knob the Builder #3 - Project Double TimeKnob the Builder #3 - Project Double TimeKnob the Builder #3 - Project Double Time
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Project Double Time

Starring: Robyn Truelove, Gabrielle Lee, Foxy, Lleia, Tanya Coxx with Knob (Freddy), G., Dicker Dan, John Winter.

Watch out! The Cowboys are back with hard hats and even harder cocks always willing to get the job done... as it's a fucking good job that's needed.

In these five scenes of manpower mayhem it's clear that the main tool required for the work is Knob, plus there's Dan, G. and John filling-in and looking for loose screws too.

The first scene sees fine Northern Lass Foxy compromised in the bedroom by Knob pressing up against her. Knob squeezes her fine plump buttocks and gives her a spunky makeover with the help of his mate.

Gorgeous blonde beauty Gabrielle waits to see how well the men have worked before deciding if they deserve a bonus. Knob and G., never turn down any overtime especially if it's paid in-kind, especially the sexy blonde kind!

Lovely Lancashire Lleia wants a new extension, but finds that she's a bit strapped for cash. No problem when Knob's yer builder - Knob never gives a pretty girl a bum-deal, unless that's what she truly wants. As it happens, that's exactly what Lleia wants. So Knob and his mate take a sandwich break, with her in the middle.

Knob finds himself with a new work-mate one morning. Feisty young Robyn wastes no time in showing Knob who's in charge, giving him a good smack around the head with a plank of wood. She soon changes her tune when she finds out Knob's the one who pays the wages and is soon bending over backwards to please him.

Busty and posh Architect Tanya is very well-drawn indeed. She tracks down Knob and G. in the park and demands that they work on erections immediately. Nothing is too much trouble for these boys who happily give her a good seeing to and a mouth full of cum.

Hilarious, horny and Very Highly Recommended!

Includes: Hot Young Housewives - All British Players, shaved/trimmed pussies, pussy piercing, 2 hairy-arsed builders on 1 MILF, big tits, stockings, hard fucking, tit-fucking, DOUBLE PENETRATION, anal sex (not every scene), posh MILF, big tits, spitting, cum on tits/bald pussy/in mouth/on face.

Running time: 1 hour 48 minutes (including Out-takes 5 mins) - PAL

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