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Kelly Fox's Girlfriends (DVD)

Kelly Fox's GirlfriendsKelly Fox\'s GirlfriendsKelly Fox\'s Girlfriends
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Price: 19.50

Order number: DVD15333

Delivery time: usually 2-6 calendar days.

Starring: Kelly Fox, Cate Harrington, Farrah, Natalia X, Sasha Cane, Tanya Cox.

Kelly Fox is an extremely gifted amateur with sweetly slender body and ear-melting Yorkshire accent. The girl is a natural in front of the camera and mucky words roll off her young tongue with sleazy ease.

With her blonde hair, legginess and buck teeth, Kelly has considerable personal allure. Kelly also has a cheeky, up-beat, very English style and sense of humour.

This is not another 'reality' series. The girls play titilating games with each other very much for your pleasure - involving you as though you were right there with them, cunningly edited to whet your desires whatever your whim.

With a flick of a finger you can jump effortlessly to whatever pervy porn portion fires your erotic imagination. Pick one of five of Kelly's friends, and then choose what she and Kelly will do next. Choose what naughty game they play or flick to your favourite fetish.

Sasha Cane and Kelly
Sasha and Kelly have been poured into matching black lace dresses. Sexy Sasha's husky voice sends shivers down your spine as she talks and caresses her way down to Kelly's pretty little feet, bathing them with her tongue and pressing them into her big soft breasts. The two minxes play games with their panties, stuffing them in their gashes then zapping their clits with tiny vibrators. A double-ended dildo is a welcome addition to the fray after some furious finger-fucking.

Kate Harrington and Kelly
Kelly is in the mood for food and only pussy-flavour will satisfy her. Kate tastes sweet and Kelly uses her spit as lube for that freaky strap-on she loves to wear so much! Kate goes crazy, bouncing up and down on Kelly's man-made manhood as though her life depended on it! More toys and panty tricks embellish their delicious afternoon.

Farrah and Kelly
Farrah is a fabulous slut whose accent matches Kelly's dulcet tones. She can't believe that Kelly wants her to wear her pink satin knickers on the inside of her pussy, but she loves the sensation. Kelly dons a strap-on on her face and head-butts Farrah to heaven before they share their fetish ambitions with you the viewer.

Natalia X and Kelly
Natalia is a stone-cold blonde FOX. Kelly is delighted when she walks in and catches this lovely in the act of pleasuring herself with a designer glass dildo. Luckily Kelly has her best strap-on cock with her and Natalia, who has always wanted to fuck Kelly, rises to the challenge, gaining new confidence with every thrust. Once the ladies have bonded properly, they begin their fetishistic teasing direct to the camera.

Tanya Cox and Kelly
Kinky Tanya is hooked on sex toys and has more than all the other girls put together. This little harlot is into playing pissing games with Kelly, who is an ardent public piddler herself! The girls are wearing sumptuous matching corsets and it's not too long before the panties have been stuffed inside their hot honey pots. The chatting stops and the air becomes thick with smut and heavy breathing.

Includes: Young English Lesbian Nymphos, shaved/trimmed pussies, panty play/pussy-stuffing/licking/sniffing, pert tits, sensual snogging, genuine pussy-loving babes, water-sports/pissing, buzzing strap-on pants, saucy/dirty talk to camera, foot worship/licking, toe-sucking, stockings, tickling, nipples vs toes, very little cunnilingus, face strap-on.

Running time: 3 hours 22 minutes - PAL

Extras: 55 Minutes Solo Bonus Scene with Kelly. Trailers.

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